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HOW TO GET INTO STANFORD? Ignore the statistics!

The numbers look scary… Stanford GSB acceptance rates (6%) are the lowest of all business schools. In fact, it’s almost twice “easier” statistically to get into Harvard Business School.

Unfortunately, this fact alone scares applicants away from applying to the top business school in the world. They tell themselves things like: “I will never get a high enough GMAT”, or “You have to be a superhero to get accepted. I’m too normal”.

Many of those left in the game are the high achievers, who dare to apply because they are confident about their high credentials - high GMAT, high GPA, work experience from a top brand, went to the top schools, and so on.

This self-selection dynamic is driving the averages higher and higher over time.

And perhaps it makes sense that those who don’t dare to dream shouldn’t get admitted anyway.

But before you give up in advance, just remember:

  1. Those averages don’t reflect what the school is actually looking for in applicants

  2. If you don’t apply, your chances are truly zero

  3. Most people who pursue a dream, get there with hard work, intelligence and persistence. Not by chance.

Think about some of the most successful people that you know. Did they necessarily have the top grades in their class? Many times it’s the underdogs who win. Pushing their way up with grit, one attempt after another, getting up from the ground after failures, learning and improving.

Leadership skills, teamwork, the ability to inspire and influence others, making an impact on your organization… Those are the kind of attributes that the admissions team is after, and they have nothing to do with GMAT or where you come from.

Our pleasure and expertise at GSB Coach is working with “normal” applicants and helping them shine in their application. If Stanford is your dream and you are concerned that it’s “out of your league”, please don’t give up in advance. Ignore the statistics.

Want to learn more about how to get into Stanford? Reach out, we’d love to help!


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