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MBA Admissions calculators

MBA Admissions chances calculators can be found on different online forums and are often offered free of charge by different admissions consulting services. Those tools are claimed to be based on algorithms designed to estimate a person's likelihood of being accepted into a particular MBA program.

Admissions acceptance calculators typically ask candidates to input various factors such as GPA, GMAT and GRE test scores, years of professional experience, and demographic information. Based mostly on this simple data, the algorithm then compares the input with historical admission stats (advertised by the different universities) and spits out a probability of getting admitted.

Admission decisions are complex and involve subjective elements that online calculators cannot capture accurately. Had it been possible for schools to screen candidates automatically, they wouldn’t require writing lengthy essays and conducting interviews.

The subjective evaluation of an applicant's fit for a particular program or institution is too challenging to quantify and turn into an algorithm, and it includes factors like personal drive, passion, confidence, leadership, communication style and many others.

The GSB Coach Admissions Chances calculator is designed to start engaging in a conversation around each candidate’s specific background and goals and doesn’t presume to offer an automatic probability score.

Please do not get despaired or overconfident from chance probability results of different online tools. Instead, please refer to the official admission requirements and guidelines provided by the institutions themselves and seek advice from an MBA admissions consultant that you trust.


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