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MBA in the era of Artificial Intelligence

Will an MBA be valuable in the era of Artificial Intelligence?

As a Stanford GSB Admissions Consultant, I’m often asked about the value of an MBA. Recently this question is being asked in light of the rapid advancement in AI.

The different forms of impact that AI has on jobs and employment are an ongoing debate, but the magnitude of the change will no doubt be huge. People who are now considering different types of careers or education paths, should also consider the impact of AI on those options.

An MBA degree in general has always been valuable across different professions and verticals, adding perspective and enhancing one’s judgment, decision-making and strategic thinking.

These types of skills contribute to one's adaptability in embracing and harnessing the power of AI advancements.

MBA graduates with a good understanding of how to integrate AI into existing business operations can be highly valuable. AI should be seen as a tool to enhance business decision-making, not replace it.

Stanford GSB is best positioned to help managers adapt to the age of AI.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, Stanford GSB continuously adapts its curriculum to the pace of progress. But beyond the obvious leveraging of the tech advantage, perhaps even more valuable is the unique focus on the soft skills of management:

While AI can handle many tasks, human skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation, and emotional intelligence remain essential. GSB’s courses like Interpersonal Dynamics (the famous “Touchy-Feely” class) focus on developing these soft skills, which are most likely to remain highly valuable in a world where human-AI collaboration is crucial.

And at a time when versatility and adaptability are key to success, The Stanford MBA program is unmatched when it comes to supporting future entrepreneurs. The ability to reinvent yourself, your business and to reimagine industries will differentiate you and provide you with a higher chance to navigate in the new AI era

As you plan your career and consider your options for education, I have no doubt that an MBA from Stanford will remain an advantage that would set you apart in your career.


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