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The Waitlist at Stanford GSB.

After all the work that you put in, getting waitlisted is very frustrating and confusing. Is there still a real chance? What can I do to improve my chance to get admitted from the waitlist? Here are some steps you can take if you find yourself in the waitlist at Stanford GSB:

  1. First, try to take a few days off to think about pretty much anything else. Stress and anxiety won't help now and you can take the time to think and strategize.

  2. Accept your waitlist offer: Confirm your interest in remaining on the waitlist by accepting the offer. This step is important because it keeps you in consideration for future admission if spots become available.

  3. Read the instruction in your waitlist email and treat those seriously. They mean what they write and don't want you to start bombarding them with emails.

  4. Reflect on your application: Take some time to evaluate your application. Review your essays, resume, and recommendation letters to identify any areas that could be improved.

  5. Submit an update letter: Prepare an update letter that highlights any significant achievements, promotions, or changes in your professional or personal life since submitting your application. This letter should demonstrate your continued interest in the program and your commitment to personal growth.

  6. Enhance your application: If there are specific areas of weakness in your application, consider addressing them. This could involve retaking the GMAT/GRE to improve your scores, taking additional relevant coursework, or gaining more professional experience.

  7. Networking and recommendations: If possible, connect with alumni, current students, or faculty members who can vouch for your candidacy. Building relationships within the Stanford Business School community and securing strong recommendations can strengthen your application.

  8. Stay engaged: Stay up-to-date with the school's communication and any requests they may have for additional information. If there are events or webinars organized by the admissions office, attend them to show your continued interest and engagement with the program. Consider visiting the school, attending a class or two. Drop by the admission's office and reiterate your interest and determination.

  9. Consider backup options: While you're on the waitlist, it's wise to have backup plans in case you're not ultimately admitted. Explore other MBA programs that align with your goals and consider applying to a few of them to maximize your chances of securing a spot elsewhere.

  10. Remain positive and patient: The waitlist process can be unpredictable, and it may take some time before you receive a final decision. Stay positive, continue pursuing your goals, and be patient throughout the process.

Remember that being waitlisted doesn't guarantee admission, but it does indicate that the admissions committee sees potential in your application. By following these steps and continuing to demonstrate your commitment to Stanford Business School, you can increase your chances of being admitted.


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