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How hard is it to get into Stanford GSB?

With a ~6% acceptance rate, It's not easy to get into the #1 business school in the world. The school has high expectations for the quality of its candidates and the average GMAT scores and GPAs of accepted students are typically very high. However, there are several ways that you can increase your chances of being admitted by taking certain steps before applying.

What GMAT score and GPA do I need for Stanford MBA?

The average GPA of its entering class is 3.7, and the average GMAT score is 732. But those test scores are only one part of the application and if your numbers are lower than the average, it doesn't mean that you will not get admitted.

In addition to your test scores, Stanford evaluates applicants based on merit and achievement: how you've excelled at school, in your career and life goals; what you plan to contribute to society; and whether you're a good fit for its culture.

Evaluation Criteria

Through your essays, recommendation letters, and interview, the school will evaluate your:

  • Experience. The GSB admits students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, from those who have been working in the field for years to those who have just graduated from college. Candidates should demonstrate leadership, initiative, and excellence in their professional lives as well as personal accomplishments outside of work or school.

  • Leadership. Candidates should also show evidence of strong leadership qualities, including the ability to influence others; provide a vision for direction; build consensus; solve problems creatively; under pressure remain focused on goals rather than allowing distractions to derail them; communicate effectively both orally and written language skills; motivate others; inspire trust among peers or subordinates despite authority differences between individuals within an organization hierarchy structure at the workplace.

  • Perspective: Classmates learn from each other's unique perspectives. Stanford GSB wants applicants who can think critically about complex issues while having a global perspective on the challenges facing societies. They want students who will bring fresh ideas into class discussions -- even if this means taking risks by expressing unpopular opinions freely.

  • Intellectual vitality, curiosity, and the willingness to suspend disbelief and learn new things. Listening skills, humility, and sensitivity for others. Passion to learn and passion around ideas and aspirations.

The Stanford MBA program is the most selective in the world. Yes, it is hard to get in, but it's not about one factor like the GMAT or another. The admission committee is honestly trying to get to know the applicant as a person beyond the numbers, and it's your job as an applicant to help them see who you are.


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