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obsessing about winning

Passionate About Helping Others Get admitted into Stanford GSB

The time I spent at Stanford GSB was the most enjoyable, inspiring and enriching time in my life. 

I started GSB Coach to help others succeed in what once seemed almost impossible to me: Getting admitted to the most selective business school in the world.

I was an international applicant, with ok grades but not stellar. Good English but an obvious accent. I was an engineer and wasn't sure exactly what leadership means and how to demonstrate it. I never really had to write an application essay before.

After familiarizing myself with the different top MBA programs, it became clear to me that Stanford will be the best fit for me. But how do I convince them? Do I even have a chance? My credentials were average, but I knew that there is one thing going for me: I was determined to win and I was willing to work the hardest.

The application journey was long and excruciating. But as I progressed, I realized that the "Application" is a craft that could be mastered. It's a new and important skill that I am learning. How to market myself. How to go after a dream and get it. I even learned to enjoy the process.

Over the years, after graduating from GSB, those skills served me well in my career. Wanting to give back to the wonderful Stanford community, I served as an interviewer, and helped many applicants with their applications. 

At GSB Coach I offer a more deep, structured and meaningful coaching experience to applicants. Especially the non-trivial ones who are not sure if they should even apply.  

To keep the experience exceptional and enjoyable to both of us, I work with a very small number of applicants. 

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas

If we work together

  • You will work hard. The process is iterative. We will stop only when I think you're ready. I will coach you, but can't apply for you. You have to give it your best

  • I know how important this is to you. I will give you my best effort 

  • I'm determined to win. If you're looking for a consultant that will take away the work from you, we're not a good match. I will make you work again and again until I think we have a winning application

Guaranteed return on investment

  • I can't guarantee your admission, but I can improve your chance significantly

  • In any case, you will acquire a new skill that will serve you well in your career

  • At the end of the process you will understand yourself better. Your strengths and weaknesses, professional and life goals

  • You will become much better at interviewing, which will prepare you for any future job 

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